<strong>Green technologies for the shipping industry: SodaFlexx Integrated Exhaust Gas Cleaning System has been installed on “Bontrup Amsterdam” </strong>

Green technologies for the shipping industry: SodaFlexx Integrated Exhaust Gas Cleaning System has been installed on “Bontrup Amsterdam” 

As ship emissions regulations become more strict, SodaFlexx International, BONTRUP, and Aggregate Industries continue sustainable SOx abatement. SodaFlexx International completed the installation of the Integrated Dry Exhaust Gas Cleaning System on “Bontrup Amsterdam”, a 65,402 DWT Bulk Carrier in the port of Amsterdam. The installation took place the last week of February and took less than 3 days to complete. 

The SodaFlexx system injects sodium bicarbonate into the exhaust gas stream to chemically alter SOx compounds and transform them into sodium sulphate, a benign salt. The SodaFlexx system allows vessels to burn HSFO without harmful consequences for the Environment and with economical and technical benefits for shipowners.  

SodaFlexx Exhaust Gas Cleaning System effectively neutralises the sulphur, which allows the owner to benefit from the price differential between MGO and HSFO. Most marine engines were designed to burn HFO and this allows for maintenance and lubrication protocols to be carried out. With the two main types of system design ­­­Modular and Integrated, SodaFlexx International offers a wide range of options to suit the specific vessel requirements. The Integrated EGC System that has been installed on “Bontrup Amsterdam” has a number of significant benefits: it is fitted to suit the individual ship, and gives flexible options regarding the space of the storage for soda bicarbonate. 

“At BONTRUP we define sustainability as working systematically to reduce the negative impact and enhance the positive impacts on people, society and the environment. As part of our business strategy, we aim to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions into our operations and supply chains. That is why we’re keen to further expand our partnership with SodaFlexx. This partnership is a great example of what business can do together by innovating with nature,” – Sipke de Vries, BONTRUP Logistics General Manager.

“The technical installation of the SodaFlexx System has been successfully completed and the commissioning is going to take place in March 2023. The project is running smoothly, although we had to make some adjustments right before the installation. The system offers a lot of flexibility and we have a wide range of options we can incorporate to achieve an optimised installation. This new SodaFlexx system uses the advanced technology which uses AI to ensure optimal absorbent dosage for the required emissions zone,” – says Elwin Koning, Chief Operating Officer at SodaFlexx International. 

“Finding the balance between economical and environmentally friendly solutions for the maritime industry is the ultimate goal of our business. The transition to alternative fuels won’t happen overnight and we still have a global fleet to operate in the most sustainable way possible, and burning HSFO with our exhaust gas cleaning system has proven to be less CO2 intensive than using MGO or VLSFO on a “well to wake” basis, Sander Castel, the SodaFlexx Chief Technical Officer says.