Learn more about SodaFlexx EGCS on SMM 22!

Learn more about SodaFlexx EGCS on SMM 22!

Next week SMM will open its doors after a long pause. There is much to discover at SMM – from conferences and exhibitors to the latest technologies for the maritime industry.

As an equipment innovator, SodaFlexx provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for exhaust gas cleaning that uses dry powder sodium bicarbonate to absorb sulphur. The SodaFlexx System allows the burning of HSFO rather than much more expensive MGO or VLSFO, and as most engines were designed to burn HFO, maintenance and lubrication protocols are as intended. Burning HFO with a SodaFlexx EGCS has proven to be less CO2 intensive than using MGO or VLSFO on a “well to wake” basis, and actually reduces the amount of harmful particulates emitted into the atmosphere.

The SodaFlexx solution is attractive from both economic and environmental perspectives, and during the transition to alternative fuels, there is still a need to operate the existing fleet in the most sustainable way possible.

Are you curious to learn more about the SodaFlexx system?

The team is looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg to tell you more about SodaFlexx EGCS and our new Carbon Capture technology.

Contact our sales team: +44 7726403803 or send an email to gareth.hardy@sodaflexx.com.

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