SodaFlexx customers now have the option of 100% lease finance provided by leading asset  firm Wavefront Asset Management

SodaFlexx customers now have the option of 100% lease finance provided by leading asset firm Wavefront Asset Management

SodaFlexx® is an equipment innovator established in 2018 to provide the marine industry with an alternative to traditional wet scrubbers. Our dry exhaust gas cleaning systems are adapted from proven land-based technology, and offer shipowners a cost-effective and quick-to-install option to save money by burning lower-quality heavy fuel oils without polluting the air or water. 

The SodaFlexx EGCS offers systems, integrated into existing vessel spaces, all SodaFlexx systems are easy to install and do not require special materials or piping, and there is no need for a drydock as no water is used at any time in the operation, so no need to increase water intake.

Because of a marked increase in the spread between HSFO and VLSFO/MGO, fuel-cost savings have accelerated the payback of CAPEX associated with a scrubber installation and then generate profits thereafter. Therefore, many shipowners who have installed an EGCS already have a full payback of their initial investment.

Now SodaFlexx® customers have the option of 100% lease finance provided by leading asset management firm Wavefront Asset Management (WAM).

Established in 2017, WAM offers short- to medium-term lease solutions to global ship owners financing the acquisition of maritime environmental equipment. The current focus for WAM is the provision of leasing solutions supporting Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). The highly experienced team brings long-standing expertise in the maritime, manufacturing, and finance industries.

Get the equipment you need without impacting your cash position

Asset Finance is an intelligent way to fund the essential items a business needs. It gives ship owners and charterers the flexibility to purchase equipment with affordable repayments, instead of a large upfront cost, which helps manage cash flow and grow the business efficiently. WAM experts have an individual approach to every customer and take the time to understand the business needs and can structure repayments to reflect all client’s requirements.

Gana Swaminathan, SodaFlexx CFO commented: “This alliance with WAM offers our customers a convenient and cost-effective way to pay for superior ESG compliant SodaFlexx equipment by timing cash flows with substantial savings from the volatile fuel prices. This setup allows companies to preserve capital and split purchases into budget-friendly monthly instalments”.

Kevin Swannack, Director (Finance), Wavefront Asset Management, commented: “This is another major step in our commitment to providing attractive asset financing so owners can maintain regulatory compliance whilst also preserving cash flow. SodaFlexx offers a unique and environmentally friendly product, and we are pleased to be working closely with them”.

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Disclaimer: SodaFlexx Limited is not formally affiliated with Wavefront Asset Management and provides an introduction only.  SodaFlexx Limited is not a lender, broker or financial advisor, and an introduction to a lender does not amount to financial advice. All Wavefront Asset Management finance facilities are provided on a subject-to-status basis.